Our Story


I started Jaime & Jaimie in 2012, and it was a fruit from my adoration towards high-quality products for kids. When we were younger, my parents always dress us up in classic quality clothing, and they get passed down from my sister (9 years older) to me. The quality was so good, and my niece even got a chance to wear it too.

Nowadays, I find it challenging to look for products with similar quality in the local market.

That was the beginning of our search. We search locally and even travel internationally to look for quality fashion with great style & price. When I choose products for kids, I’ll ask myself. Would my mother dress me in this, or would the kid’s version of me wear this?

If the answer is yes, you will see them displayed in my shop.

I want to ensure that kids will look not only pleasant but also comfortable.

Thank you for your support for Jaime & Jaimie and stay tune for more surprises!